Top podcasts for financial advisors

At Loans Insider we’re big fans for podcasts and it’s great to see the finance sector starting to embrace this format. We think it’s vitally important that financial advisors and brokers adopt the latest marketing methods to ensure they stand out from the generic price comparison sites out there. The podcasts below are a mix of advisor to advisor chat and ones meant for the consumer. If you would like to recommend a podcast to add to this list head over to our contact us page.

Meaningful Money

Started by  Pete Matthew in 2011, Meaningful Money is one of the longest running podcasts about personal finance and has totalled over 1 million downloads. After 163 episodes, they changed from a weekly podcast discussing a variety of issues to a season format focussing on one issue such as retirement in great depth.


Informed Choice radio

informed choice podcast

Informed Choice radio is another podcast aimed at educating the public about personal finance run by financial planner Martin Bamford. What makes this podcast stand out from the others is its range of guests from outside of the financial sector who provide insightful real-life advice.

Next gen planners

NextGen Planners podcast

NextGen Planners started as a podcast but has recently evolved into a community for the next generation of planners with events and membership. Their podcasts discuss what role planners and advisors play in the modern world and the best way to build your personal brand.

The Elite Advisor podcast

The Elite Advisor Blueprint® is a podcast dedicated to sharing the “blueprint for success” in the independent financial advising world. It features thought leaders and industry experts being interview by Brad Johnson of Advisors Excel.

Financial Advisor Successes

The Financial Advisor Success podcast consists of real-life success stories and insights from financial advisors and leading industry consultants, about how to grow your advisory business.