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[page_title] are a specialist lender, offering short-term finance, bridging loans, first charge and second charge mortgages, commercial and buy-to-let mortgages. Together have been operating since 1974 through Blemain Finance, Lancashire Mortgages, Cheshire Mortgages and Jerrold Holdings before rebranding as Together in September 2015. They have been named in The Sunday Times Top Track 250 on two occasions and loan book closing in on the £2bn mark.

One of Together’s key differentiators is that they will accept a wide range of properties from high-rises, no standard construction and ex-council flats as security. Their plans are structured around the type of property being used as security, not just LTVs. They also have clear lending criteria for temporary workers, zero-hour contractors and the self-employed making finance more accessible to those that sit outside the high-street vanilla prime profile


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