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New Horizons

James Bloom, managing director of short term lending at Masthaven, explains why securing the exit property is vital My favourite bridge in London is the Albert Bridge. Connecting Chelsea to Battersea, it’s a rare hybrid- part suspension bridge, part beam bridge, part cable bridge- and an excellent example of Victorian high architecture. Thanks too its […]

17 years ago, this is how it started…

The first decade 1998 – 2007 In the wilderness – Feb 1998 “I really think you should meet this company”, said the recruiter, a girl by the name of Liz, barely older than myself. “The boss is very charismatic, he’s seen your CV and he wants to see you ASAP!” It did sound great: a job in finance sales. Loans or something. Probably […]

Unlocking Value

James Anderson, head of new business at mtf, discusses how a bridging loan could help those borrowers who are asset rich but lack liquidity Since the economic downturn, many property investors and business owners have found themselves ‘asset rich but cash poor, with the bulk of their wealth tied up in assets rather than in […]

Maintain Perspective

Richard Deacon, sales director at Masthaven, looks at trends in the bridging loan sector Despite the many uncertainties of the past two years, bridging loans appear to have fared admirably in 2017, with lending having now increased beyond pre-EU referendum highs. But what are the reasons for the bridging industry’s continued strength? We examine the […]

What is luxury asset lending?

Luxury Asset Lending for Property Projects

Luxury assets lending is a type of bridging loan that has become more prominent due to the vast increase in the value of luxury items. Items like classic cars, jewellery, luxury watches and Post War Fine Art has increased by 171% in the past decade. Recently a Ferrari Daytona was found in filthy condition after being left in […]